Sandy Meier

Software Developer & Animal Rights activist from Germany, currently living in Berlin.

Work Experience

Bosch Software Innovations

Software developer

2013 – current

Berlin, Germany

Bosch Software Innovations is a leading IoT solutions provider.

Work Experience

inubit AG

Software Developer

2000 - 2013

Berlin, Germany

Inubit was a software development company for EAI and BPM enterprise software.

Projects (current)

Here are some of my current projects:

Projects (past)

  • FishWorld: JavaScript port of the Java game with the same name (2011)
  • KDevelop: open source IDE (Linux,Mac) , Maintainer from 1999-2002
  • Hanseat: medieval strategy game (C64, 1994)
  • Stargate: space strategy game (C64, 1994)

Honors & Awards

PETAs Progress Award 2012


The Berlin Vegan App was the winner in the category “Tierfreundlichste Smartphone-App” (german).


  • Java
  • Android
  • Web technology (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/ExtJS)
  • Ruby & Rails
  • Linux / DevOps / Ansible


University Potsdam

BA, Computer Science

1995 – 2013

Potsdam, Germany


  • Photography
  • Retrogaming
  • Science Fiction literature
  • Comics
  • TV series
  • Linux